I am a few days late updating my photo of the month this month but as the proverbial saying goes its better late than never. The photo of the month for June is the recently processed image from Landmannalaugar in Iceland. You can view a higher resolution version of this photograph on my portfolio website at under Iceland.

I have made a last minute decision to bug out late tomorrow after some office time and head up to the Victorian High Country for a few days for some wilderness photography. Its only a week now until the snow and ski season officially open; which means the mountains will soon be crawling with snow deprived skiers keen to carve up the slopes. This weekend coming represents a last opportunity to spend some time in relative peace photographing the high country of Victoria as well as a last shoot before I leave for New Zealand’s South Island in a couple of weeks.

I had planned to spend the weekend catching up on some image processing and printing for clients but an invitation from a fellow photographer for a photographic strike mission to strategic locations in the High Country and the promise of some mixed weather and possible snow has twisted my arm (not that it really needed a lot of twisting). We are planning to shoot at historic Wallace’s Hut at Mount Beauty as well as several key locations at Mount Buffalo and the surrounding area. It should be a great few days and I cant wait to get out into nature with my cameras. Just one more sleep!

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