I realised this morning it is now only three months until I leave for Antarctica with Quark Expeditions; which means it is definitely time to get a wriggle on in terms of a packing list and preperation. I have a pretty good idea already on what I plan to take with me but I still need to buy a few things to round out my ‘kit’ for the trip. I need additional memory cards, more thermal clothes and just possibly another lens or two to round out my available focal lengths. The big question is what do I take with me as a second camera body to supplement the 1DS MKIII?

I have been hanging off purchasing another camera body pending either the announcement of a 1DS MKIV or a 1D MKV. The rumour mill has been really spinning up over the last few weeks that an announcement would soon be forthcoming. Specification lists are appearing all over the internet for both the 1DS MKIV and 1D MKV; most of them are clearly no more than wish lists by keen fan boys eager to fuel the rapidly spreading rumour fires. A few of them seem to have some real credibility to them, but it is hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. Of course those who actually know are under strict NDA agreement and can’t say.

Without a desire to add fuel to the now raging fires here is my revised and considered take on what is probably (emphasis on probably) going to happen with both the 1DS MKIV and the 1D MKV cameras in the next few months. As to when it happens; well in my opinion it may well happen sooner rather than later. Especially if Nikon do announce their new big gun pro DSLR’s later this month or early September. A Nikon announcement of a D3S or D3X replacement will more than likely force Canon’s hand to avoid loss of early sales.

Canon will announce a 1D MKV before a 1DS MKIV. The 1D MKV will be a replacement for the 1D MKIV and the 1DS MKIII. It will in effect be a merging of the two cameras as has long been rumoured. The camera will be full frame high mega pixel (probably low 30 mega pixels) and will use the current 1 series body. It will be squarely aimed at sports, photojournalist and outdoor photographers. It will undoubtedly shoot 1080p video and include several new technologies as well as amazing high ISO performance.

A 1DS MKIV will come to market early to mid next year; but it will come under a new name in a new body and will be squarely aimed at studio only shooters. It will most likely use a larger than 35mm sensor (perhaps similar in size to the Leica S2) and will be designed to compete with Medium Format Digital Backs. It will not be weather sealed and may or may not include video capability.

For those clamouring for the 5D MKIII; you won’t see it this year. It will likely come to market in March or April next year and will be a cut down version of the new 1D MKV. Most likely sporting the same mega pixel sensor as the 1D MKV without the rugged body, blazing fast frames per second and auto focus capabilities of the 1D MKV.

I stress again that these are just my current thoughts on what is going to happen with Canon’s Pro DSLR range of cameras – Don’t take them to the bank!

History has shown that it is very difficult to get a hold of a new Canon product soon after its announced, so irrespective of what happens with the 1DS MKIV and 1D MKV if there has not be an announcement by the end of September I will almost certainly be taking an additional 1D MKIV body with me to Antarctica.


  1. Right now it looks like the first announcement for a new dSLR by Canon will come in October and by the time they hit the stores it may well be December. I was hoping for a 5D Mark III but it doesn’t look likely this year.


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