‘Dawn till Dusk’ – f11 Magazine Cover Photograph and Feature Article

Over recent years traditional paper magazines have been adding more and more online content to their websites in an effort to keep their readers interested, engaged and to maintain their relevance in a world increasingly enamoured with (must have it now) online content. These magazines walk a somewhat tenuous line between satisfying their traditional readership base who purchases the magazine at a news stand and those who just visit the website for the highlights or selected (usually free) online content. They have a foot in both camps as it were in an effort to both placate and satisfy readers from both technological demographics; whilst offending neither. Some magazines walk this balance beam very successfully; others less so.

Another magazine offering – the “Online magazine” is becoming more prevalent every day and offers some significant advantages to both the publisher and viewer (provided the viewer has access to online content of course). One of the those that is gaining significant readership and traction in the professional photography world is ‘f11 For Photographers and Aficionados‘. f11 is a FREE online magazine presented in a page flip format as a PDF and is aimed at professional and enthusiast photographers, designers and creative people working with images, as well as buyers and collectors of photography.

Now in its fourth issue, I am very pleased to announce that one of my photographs from Iceland has been chosen to grace the cover of the current October issue of f11.  The magazine also includes a recent interview article and features more of my photography from Iceland all in an online PDF magazine format that is iPad compatible.

If you have an interest in photography and have not yet checked out f11 Magazine then I would encourage you to to do so – You can subscribe online for updates via email as issues go live and best of all its FREE. Let me know if you enjoyed my interview article!

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