The last few days in Buenos Aires seem to have passed with some degree of speed – I guess that is just the way it goes the first time you visit a new city when there is so much to see and do in a limited amount of time. My friend Martyn and I are flying out early this morning (straight after breakfast) for the worlds southern most permanent town – Ushuaia; where we will spend a few days photographing along the beaches and mountains before we set sail for Antarctica. I am keen to head south after a few days in B/A and embrace the colder climate at the bottom of South America – Warm climates are just not my cup of tea.

If I am to be politically correct I have mixed feelings about Buenos Aires as a city. I far prefer to spend my time out in the wilderness amongst waterfalls, glaciers and mountains so my opinion of any city is always going to present somewhat in the negative. The poverty in many parts of Bueons Aires is extreme by Australian standards. This was particularly evident in the more seedy areas around La Bocca. One only has to wander down a side street away from the tourist hot spots to feel quite isolated and unsafe (at least that is how it felt to me). The city is extremely run down and dirty by Australian standards. Combined with the dense population and usual city grime and I find myself yearning for nature’s unspoilt wilderness. Its not hard to see why Melbourne is the worlds most liveable city.

Don't Jump at La Bocca!

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