I had been planning to announce that registrations are now officially open for the July workshop I am leading to Iceland in 2013. However, due to client expressions of interest, pre-registration and bookings the expedition is already sold out.  If you are interested in photographing in the amazingly geologically diverse country of Iceland then you can still register your interest and be placed on the waiting list. This workshop is for a maximum of 6 participants who are serious about their photography and are willing to put in long hours in the field and work for their images. Working with a small number of photographers means we can get to more inaccessible locations when the light is at its absolute best. We can move quickly from location to location as the light changes; or maximise our time in the one location when the light is magical. 

If you want to be able to take photographs like this under the spectacular midnight sun then please contact me with your registration of interest. I am currently investigating if it is logistically possible to run a second trip in the Icelandic winter and if so those who have previously expressed interest or are already on the waiting list will be contacted first. All expeditions are strictly limited to a maximum of six participants, plus leader and guide and places are reserved on a first come, first served basis. For further queries please contact me directly.

Fire and Ice

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