I am pleased to have been asked by the good folks who run and operate the Caffeinated Photographers Facebook page to be their Photographer of the Week this week. Upon receipt of the invitation my interest was immediately peaked by the use of the word ‘caffeinated’ in their title since I consider myself somewhat of an amateur coffee connoisseur. The morning cup of coffee is part of my indispensable daily routine and the interesting mix of caffeine and photography in their title gave me cause to smile since a cup of coffee is invariably the first thing I reach for on an early sunrise shoot. I am fortunate in Melbourne where I live that we have some of the world’s best coffee. Our reputation (at least in Australia) precedes us in this regard. I am doubly fortunate that Iceland (one of my favorite destinations for photography) also has outstanding coffee. The opportunity to be featured on a page that mixes Photography and caffeine was instantly appealing. Caffeinated photographers feature a different photographer every week and their list of photographers includes such well-known names as Art Wolfe. I am pleased to be counted amongst their photographers of the week.

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