I am taking a couple of days off this weekend from home and office duties and heading down the Great Ocean road with a fellow photographer friend for a few days of coastal landscape photography. The weather forecast is for occasional rain showers and possible hail so I am hopeful of some really dramatic storm lighting. Right now as I look out my studio window its quite overcast and windy with occasional breaks of sunshine –  a real mixed bag.  There are many wonderful locations for photography along the Great Ocean road including the iconic twelve apostles (of which there are approximately only six left), London Bridge, Gibsons Steps, Lochard Gorge and more. The Great Ocean road is a location in my backyard only a few hours drive from where I live that I have long ignored and I am looking forward to shooting along its spectacular coastline again. See you in a few days.

A friendly reminder: If you are in Melbourne this weekend, my new exhibition is currently on display at Source Photographica in Brighton. The exhibition includes some of my personal favourite images from Antarctica, Iceland and New Zealand over the last three years. Source Photographica is located at 1A Rose Street in Brighton, Victoria, Australia and is open seven days a week. Entry is free. 

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