Whoops! We Disappeared for a While There!

It appears as though my blog was offline and unavailable for the last two days as a result of an unanticipated problem that arose during some planned website updates. You may have noticed that posts to my blog have been a little thin of late and that is because I have been working very hard on some major updates to my primary website at www.jholko.com including an update from V5. to V6. Live-books. An upgrade to V6. was required to facilitate some visual text enhancements to my site and improve its overall performance. Unfortunately, during the update the CNAME pointing to my wordpress.com blog went missing and was not restored. As such my blog at http://blog.jholko.com was offline and inaccessible. It took some time to find the cause of the problem and then additional time was wasted because of the time delay between when I discovered the exact problem and when my DNS Provider could resolve the CNAME correctly. Hopefully this should not occur again and my sincere apologies for the down-time.

With the cat out of the bag in relation to website updates it is probably a good time to announce that I am close to finalising some changes and updates to my website at www.jholko.com that will see a brand new user interface for workshops and expeditions as well as the ability to request a booking online. Once this new update is live I will be moving all the workshop and expedition information from my blog over to my primary website. I will continue to make workshop and expedition announcements and updates here on my blog; but the content for each trip (including detailed itinerary and PDF booking forms) will now be hosted at www.jholko.com. The new interface is slick, clean and really easy to navigate and I hope makes for a really enjoyable web experience. I will post here on my blog as soon as this update is live.

I have also made quite a number of under the hood and small visual refinements to my website and those upgrades are currently ongoing. They are going to include a brand new and dynamic home page and a really cool and slick testimonials page amongst other improvements. Stay tuned and keep an eye on www.jholko.com over the coming weeks.

I am working on some new images from Chamonix in France at the moment and I hope to have these posted to my blog over the coming days.

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