Only 600 Miles to the North Pole!

A couple of days ago I received an email from someone interested in joining my new expedition to the Arctic in August next year – The Jewels of the Arctic. As a parent of young kids one of the questions about the trip really made me smile and after some back and forth email I just had to ask if it was ok to share it on my blog. The question at its heart is actually a very good one – ‘How far will we be from the North Pole?‘. The interested party clearly also saw the humour in the circumstance of the question and kindly agreed to let me share the relevant correspondence here on my blog. Enjoy.

Dear Josh,

I would very much like to join you on the Jewels of the Arctic trip next August but I just have a few questions if thats ok. I see that the trip finishes in Iceland which is fantastic as I have not been there before either. How long would you recommend I stay? And can you please give me some ideas of things I should see?

Will you be giving advice on what equipment to bring? I only have a Rebel and two zoom lenses for it but plan on getting a longer lens before we leave.

And I feel silly for asking this, but my kids want to know how far we will be from the North Pole as they would like me to personally deliver their Christmas wish lists to Santa Clause. Last year they did not get the new bikes they asked for and they think the mail man might never have made it to his house.

Thanks Josh.

I couldn’t let an opportunity to add to the humour slide by…


Thank you for your email and interest in the Jewels of the Arctic trip next August. I have attached some additional information on the expedition for your reading and made some comments below about Iceland and equipment

<Snipped out the extensive Iceland and equipment text>

In terms of view of how close we will be to the the North Pole: At our most northerly position we will be only 600 miles from the Pole; although much is dependant upon the prevailing ice. We will see and photograph grazing Reindeer on this expedition as well as Polar Bears and other wildlife. Whilst I cannot guarantee Rudolph or his helpers will be amongst the Reindeer I feel quite sure that at least one of the available Reindeer will be able to deliver your children’s letters to Santa in time for Christmas (I am under similar instructions from my own kids). I believe the standard Reindeer courier cost is a small bag of carrots. Please let me know if you’re children would be happy to have their letters delivered by Reindeer and I will endeavour to make the necessary arrangements.

Kind Regards,

I was certainly wondering at this point if I was going to hear back – but I did. And after a few more swapped emails the interested party has joined the expedition and we have agreed to package up our Christmas letters and send together. If anyone else would like their Christmas letters delivered by Reindeer please let me know.

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