X-Rite Coloratti Appointment

I was delighted and honoured early this week to be invited to become a member of X-Rites Coloratti Photographer Program. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with X-Rite they produce the well known X-Rite Color Checker Passport, the i1 Display Pro colorimeters for calibrating computer displays and a whole host of other color related products for photographers including the i1 Photo Pro 2 and i1iO for creating profiles for printing. Many of these products have been an integral part of my colour managed workflow for some time and are used daily in my studio and in the field in the case of the Color Checker Passport. The X-Rite Coloratti program is an invitation only group that includes some of the world’s top professional photographers whose vision, passion, leadership, and partnership are recognised and valued by X-Rite. I am very honoured to be included amongst them.Just a reminder in case you missed it I was recently interviewed by Scott Sheppard over at Nik Radio. If you are a subscriber to the Nik Radio Podcast you can download the interview directly in iTunes. If you are not yet a subscriber then simply open iTunes and type Nik Radio into the search bar in the iTunes store for a direct link to the Nik Radio Podcast. There are some fantastic interviews with Pro photographers in there and best of all its free. If you don’t have (or want) iTunes you can download an MP3 of the interview HERE for playback in the program of your choice. The download is around 20 megabytes. Enjoy.

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