Leaving for Iceland Winter Workshops

Bags are packed and it is now time to flee to oppressive and seemingly omnipotent heat of the Australian summer for a much preferred sub-Arctic winter in Iceland. As soon as I finish this post I am heading to the airport to begin the long trek to Iceland (this time via London with a stop over in Dubai). Winter has been unseasonably warm in Iceland this year with temperatures hovering around +5 degrees Celsius during the day and then dropping below freezing at night (and lots of rain). I am quietly hoping for a good Arctic blast to dump temperatures into the sub zero range with some fresh snowfall along the coastline. The great news is from all reports the Aurora has really fired up over the last few weeks and we are expecting some fabulous opportunities weather permitting.  Andy Biggs and I hope to post some updates from our workshops over the next month to our blogs as time allows. Its going to be a very exciting winter month in Iceland and I am looking forward to returning to what is my favourite place in the world for landscape photography. Whoops.. thats the taxi out the front. See you in Iceland!

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