Sebastião Salgado: The silent drama of photography

My good friend and photographer Martyn Lucas recently sent me a link to a short fifteen minute talk by one of my favourite photographers Sebastião Salgado. Those of you familiar with Sebastião’s photography will already know that he specialises in humanitarian documentary photojournalism. You may not be aware however that he has been incredibly active in conservation in Brazil and that he has been responsible for the replantation of millions of trees and the reconstruction of an entire ecosystem. Perhaps his most well known book ‘Workers: An Archaeology of the Industrial Age‘ should be required reading for every photographer.  This short video in which Sebastião discusses his career and his photography is well worth fifteen minutes of your time. It is a remarkable insight into a a truly remarkable photographer. Watch the video here: VIDEO

Footnote: Having just returned from three weeks photography in the remote North West of China (currently in Beijing) I will have more to say about the rampant destruction of our environment in future posts.

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