Gura Gear Et Cetera Range

It is no secret that I have been a big fan and long time supporter of the Gura Gear range of camera bags. In fact, Gura Gears chief founder Andy Biggs has become a close friend over the last few years and we recently ran two workshops in Iceland together during winter for the Aurora Borealis. We will also be travelling to Namibia together next year to co-lead two back-to-back landscape workshops (there are now only a few places remaining on these trips before they will be sold out). We will also shortly be announcing a new expedition to South Georgia Island (more to come on this soon). I have trusted and utilised my Gura Gear bags to carry my camera equipment to places including Antarctica, France, Tasmania, New Zealand, Iceland, China, Italy, Australia and more. The Gura Gear Kiboko and Bataflae 32L have been my number one camera bags of choice for quite some time now. In fact, I was actively involved in the beta testing of the Bataflae 32L during my travels to Europe last year and put a prototype of this bag through its paces in the field. Gura Gear have been slowly expanding their product range with new bags and new accessories to better help and serve photographers in the field and recently launched their new website. One of the new products that I am finding significant use for is the new Et Cetera range. This range of small satchels and containers is perfect for storing the myriad of chargers, cables, card readers and all manner of accessories that are so often left to float loosely in carry on luggage. I used a number of them during my recent trip to Xinjiang in China and they have already become an indispensable component of my travel kit. So often when travelling it is the little things that make a difference between being disorganised and organised and this clever range of small containers helps me keep my accessories handy at all times. If you are in the market for a new camera bag or you want to better organise your accessories I recommend checking them out.

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