Adobe Releases Lightroom 5 – More Price Discrepancies

In case you missed the news today, Adobe has just released the master version of its very popular RAW image editor and DAM (Digital Asset Management) software, Lightroom 5. Whilst I have no issue paying my usual Adobe tax for the latest version I do object to Adobe’s continual pricing policy of charging more for those of us who live outside of the continental United States. For no reason that I can fathom if you are fortunate to live in North America you can purchase the Lightroom 5 upgrade for a paltry $79. However, if you are unfortunate enough to live in Australia you will be asked to cough up $99 for the exact same software. Perhaps even more insulting is that there is no GST applicable on the purchase as the software is delivered out of the USA via download (possibly via Australian servers or via local cache). I have no idea how Adobe can continue to justify increased pricing in Australia for the same products it sells for 20% less in the United States.  The Australian federal government is supposed to be investigating both Adobe and Apple’s continual price gouging in the Australian marketplace. I eagerly await the results of their enquiry. Lightroom 5 can be ordered online from B&H.

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