Atomic Batteries to Power…. Turbines to Speed…..See you in Iceland and the Arctic

Batteries are charged and bags are packed and it is now time to begin the long trek from Australia to Iceland – this time via Dubai and Frankfurt. I never look forward to these long haul international flights; but by focusing on the destination and the exciting times ahead with those on the workshop the time always seems to go relatively quickly.  I hope to post semi-regular updates and images to my blog as time allows during our Iceland trip. Iceland in summer is a somewhat punishing schedule when you are chasing the midnight sun and there often just isn’t enough time (or energy) to devote to processing and posting on the road. Nevertheless I am leaving with the best intentions of posting as often as possible. I will also be posting a few iPhone images to Facebook and Google + throughout our travels. You should also be able to track the Gura Gear Monarch Bataflae 32L as it makes it way through Iceland. The Monarch has already travelled with Andy Biggs to Kenya and after its travels through Iceland and the Arctic it will return to Gura Gear Headquarters ready for the next photographer. See you in Iceland…

Please note if you are trying to contact me via email or phone over the next two months it may take me a little while to get back to you. Iceland has excellent internet access, but once Daniel and I complete our summer workshop and head for the Arctic we will have no internet access for several weeks at a time. I will get back to you as soon as I get a chance to check and respond to my email between voyages.

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