Better Photography Magazine – The Iceman

At the tail end of the Jewels of the Arctic expedition I lead this year with Grand Master of Photography Peter Eastway to Svalbard, Greenland and Iceland we sat down for a coffee (ok.. he drinks tea – even Grand Masters aren’t perfect!) in the small town of Longyearbyen for a brief chat about our experiences and life in photography. Peter took the opportunity to conduct an informal interview for his magazine Better Photography and the interview and article were just published in the new Summer 2014 issue. Peter has kindly allowed me to post the entire article in full as a PDF on my blog and website which you can download and read HERE. Peter has also published a separate report on our expedition together in the same issue of Better Photography magazine. To subscribe please visit Peter and I are currently in the early planning stages for a return to Greenland together in 2015 and we hope to finalise details in the first half of next year. As a teaser for those of you who read my entire posts – I will also be announcing a new  trip for 2015 for a maximum of just twelve photographers dedicated to photographing Polar Bears living and hunting on the pack ice north of Svalbard. With the sea ice in the arctic dwindling and the ring seal (the main prey for Polar Bear) disappearing this expedition will very much be a once in a lifetime experience to see and photograph Polar Bears hunting in their natural habitat.

In the meantime if the travel bug bites you or you have the urge to scratch that photographic itch,  Peter is leading a workshop to Patagonia early next year (2014). The workshop takes in Torres del Paine, Perito Moreno Glacier, Cerro Torre & Fitz Roy  and runs from the 15 – 28 March 2014 for 14 days. The trip includes accommodation, all meals, English and Spanish speaking guides, local travel (minibus) and transfers.  You can download the brochure from Peter’s Better Photography website. Having just returned from a week in Patagonia (on the Chile side) I can recommend this location as offering world class landscape opportunities.

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