Antarctica – An Epic Sense of Scale

During one of the last zodiac cruises on my recent Antarctica expedition we were fortunate to come across an iceberg of truly monumental size near Antarctic Sound. Whilst I have been fortunate to see and photograph icebergs even larger than this (and the biggest icebergs are measured in kilometres) this particular iceberg also had an incredible chasm, wonderful form and shape and beautifully chiselled features. Our expedition ship ‘Polar Pioneer’ pictured here is seventy two metres long and a full six decks high at the fly bridge.  This was actually one giant iceberg joined underneath the water.  Our ship could have easily fit through the chasm however such a venture would have been exceedingly dangerous. I admit though my mind was racing with the thought of a blast through this chasm in our zodiac! This photograph was stitched together from eight hand held captures from zodiac. Be sure to click on the image below to see a much larger version in all its grandeur.

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