Testimonial from Chris Gamel – Lessons from Antarctica 2013

Wildlife photographer and biologist Chris Gamel travelled to Antarctica in November this year with me and has just published an article ‘Lessons from Antarctica‘ on his experiences during the expedition in the latest issue of Extraordinary Vision magazine. Extraordinary Vision magazine is one of the new generation of tablet only photography magazines available exclusively for the iPad. EV can be downloaded through iTunes and best of all it is free to subscribe! There isn’t much these days that is both high quality and free so I urge you to check it out, download the back issues and subscribe to future releases.  If you are hungry for high quality outdoor photographic content Extraordinary Vision is a fantastic investment – especially given its free. Those of you who are regular readers may remember that I was interviewed for Extraordinary Vision earlier in 2013. That issue also sports one of my photographs from Iceland on the cover and you can download and read a copy of that interview HERE.

Chris was kind enough to allow me to re-produce the introduction to his Antarctica article here on my blog. Make sure you subscribe to EV through iTunes to read the full article.

“Imagine my pleasure several months ago when I opened my first issue of Extraordinary Vision magazine to find an interview with Joshua Holko, an Australian photographer specialising in polar photography. Joshua’s images sparked my imagination and reignited my desire to go to Antarctica. Even better, Joshua’s website informed me that he had a few spaces available on his upcoming November Antarctica expedition. Best of all, I was free in November. After a brief conversation with my wife, I contacted Joshua and made it official. After years of dreaming, I was going to Antarctica! The two-week voyage around the Antarctic Peninsula was incredible. The ship (Polar Pioneer), the expedition staff and Joshua’s leadership met every expectation I had.”

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