Testimonial from Sam Krisch – Antarctica 2013

In 2013 I traveled twice with Joshua Holko and Daniel Bergmann: To Iceland and to Antarctica. I am a veteran of many photography tours and workshops. I have experienced both the best–and the not-so-best–of trip leaders and instructors.

Joshua and Daniel do their utmost to make sure that all of the participants have the best photographic experience. They are always available for questions and help for those that need it. They have the sensitivity to enable those participants who do not like or prefer instruction to get the maximum image-making opportunities.

While they are exceptional, inspirational photographers themselves, they always put their own work on location on hold for others. I will be glad to travel with them again and highly recommend that others enjoy the high quality tours they operate. I would rank them as two of the best anywhere. Sam Krisch – www.samkrisch.com

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