Limited Edition Gura Gear Bataflae 32L Camera Bag in Stone Green

The good folks over at Gura Gear who design and manufacture my favourite camera bags have just announced a new limited edition Stone Green version of the Batalfae 32L (The Bataflae 32L is my primary camera bag for international airline travel, workshops and expeditions. I usually just order my camera bags in black, but there is some real benefit to having a limited edition colour when you are reaching for your camera bag on a trip or expedition amongst a myriad of other ‘black’ camera bags. Stone Green was inspired by Gura Gear’s recent work in the field and will be available exclusively in the Bataflae 32L beginning in Mid-January 2014. The limited edition Grey and Tan colors of the Bataflae 32L were discontinued last fall. There are still limited quantities remaining of the Tan Bataflae 32L (Grey is sold out). You can Pre-order the new Stone Green today to receive it in the first shipment later this month. If you are wondering just how much gear you can actually fit inside one of these Bataflae 32L bags be sure to check out the VIDEO I did late last year.

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