Gura Gear announce the ‘Uinta’ Modular Camera Backpack

It would be hard to argue that the Gura Gear Kiboko and Bataflae camera bags have not made a major impact with photographers around the world. In my travels, I an fortunate to spend a lot of time with photographers from all over the globe and I consistently see a multitude of these bags on my workshops and expeditions. Gura Gear bags are universally adored by their owners for their sturdy construction, light weight build and ability to swallow copious amounts of gear. In fact, the only criticism I ocassionally here from owners of these camera bags is that they hold too much gear and therefore there is a temptation to carry too much equipment into the field. The only other comment I ever here is “I wish they made a pack more suitable for hiking.” As it turns out the folks at Gura Gear have been listening and since the release of the new Bataflae camera bags Gura Gear have been hard at work behind the scenes on a new modular camera bag system designed for photographers with different needs and they are now introducing the newest addiition to the Gura Gear product line, the Uinta adventure backpack system.From the Press Release: Named after the majestic Uinta mountain range located in Northern Utah, the Uinta is designed to be the ultimate adventure pack ready to haul camera gear and hiking essentials wherever your travels take you. The Uinta spans the gap between urban and adventure lifestyles. Whether you need a technical day pack for photo/video gear, or a reliable adventure pack that accommodates a single DSLR and adventure’s essentials, Uinta boasts 30 liters of space and adjusts to your needs with specially designed module inserts. Uinta is a lightweight, weather-resistant bag that will adapt to your needs.

Featuring an extremely comfortable and breathable harness system, the Uinta is perfect for day trips in the mountains, deserts, or wherever life’s adventures may take you. In any situation, accessing gear is easy through any of the multiple access points. Uinta features a set of removable padded, configurable photo modules engineered for the latest in digital photographic equipment allowing the user to adapt the bag for each day’s requirements. The protective foams were specifically designed to maximise protection while minimising weight. Not all of life’s adventures involve the wilderness, that’s why Uinta can even stow up to a 17” MacBook Pro in the padded interior compartment, perfect for travel, work, or play. (I know many photographers will very very appreciative of the ability to carry a laptop in their camera bag if required).

The Uinta is an adventure pack designed to utilise Gura Gear’s new modular photo inserts and tripod and hydration system. Small Pro and Medium Pro Modules as well as a Tripod & Hydration System (THS) are available as separate components. Thus the system can be customised to suit the needs of the individual user. This new bag opens up new areas for Gura Gear and gives those photographers who require a dedicated backpack an ideal solution. The current line of Gura Gear camera bags is very much designed for travel and handling large amounts of gear. This new bag is designed with hiking and day trips in mind.The Uinta is all about being the right bag for whatever adventures you take. Whether you are looking for a spacious technical daypack for hiking to the summit of your dreams, or a pack to haul just a little or a whole lot of camera gear, the Uinta can be configured to suit your needs.

The available modules make carrying just the gear you need easy and accessible. Your options are many:

  • Use both the Medium and Small Pro Modules for the maximum camera gear configuration.
  • Use only the Medium Pro Module and give yourself some additional space for extra essentials at the bottom of the pack.
  • With the Small Pro Module you can handle the lightest camera setup with ample room for hiking essentials. The Small Pro Module can be installed in both the lower and upper sections of the bag. This allows you to manage the weight distribution in the pack to be exactly where you want it.
  • For those times when you’re not taking your beloved camera gear and you just need a lightweight and durable pack, the Uinta offers a spacious configurable 30 liters of space to tote everything you need.
  • Add the Tripod and Hydration System for a simple way to secure a tripod, hydration bladder, small shovel or anything else your adventure requires.

Uinta has many options. Photographers never face the same conditions and what works best in the morning may not work in the evening. With the Multi-Point Front and Rear Access System you have the ultimate control on how you would like to access your gear. When Modules are installed in the top section of the pack you have full access to your gear from either the back or front of the Uinta. And the Small Pro Module (when installed in the lower section) is easily accessed through a third opening on the bottom back of the bag. Uinta even has built in room for up to a 17″ laptop and compartments to organize the small stuff in life.

Introductory Offer

I am currently field testing the Uinta system – look for my full review in the coming weeks. In the meantime Gura Gear have a super introductory offer for those of you keen to get your hands on the new system. When you order a Uinta with both the Small Pro and Medium Pro Modules you will receive a free Tripod & Hydration System (THS) valued at $39.95. Add a Uinta + Sm and Md Modules + THS to your cart. Use coupon code FREETHS when checking out.

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