International Polar Bear Day

I just returned home two days ago from an incredible expedition workshop to the South Island of New Zealand and am still catching up on email and office work as well as drafting a blog post on our experiences in the South Island. However, I wanted to quickly acknowledge that today is actually International Polar Bear Day and that we all need to do our bit to reduce greenhouse emissions to help protect and preserve the environment for the world’s largest land carnivore – The miraculous Polar Bear. On International Polar Bear Day—or starting any day you choose—adjust your thermostat a few degrees (up or down, depending on where you live or the season) to show your commitment to greenhouse gas reductions. Make every day a Polar Bear Day by keeping your thermostat adjusted, insulating your home, or taking other steps to save energy. And if you need an added incentive then remember its cheaper to put on a sweater than crank up the heating. 

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