October Photograph of the Month: Ominous Skies in Greenland

I have been late for the last two months (as I have been on the road) updating my photograph of the month, so I am trying to stay ahead of the curve this month and post early. This photograph was taken on my recent Greenland expedition (a trip report is in the works) from zodiac of a large iceberg off the Greenland coast. This is the first image I have processed from this expedition since I returned. With over 3000 images shot on this expedition alone the process of editing is tedious and laborious. I like to do a quick first pass and grab an image or two that really jumps out at me – in this instance this wonderful iceberg juxtaposed against the dark skies is very evocative for me of what the conditions can be like in the Arctic. These kind of dark and ominous overcast conditions are actually my preferred choice for photographing icebergs. Greenland Iceberg

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