Aquatech Imaging Solutions Sponsorship for South Georgia Island and Antarctica

I am very excited to share the news that I have recently signed a new sponsorship agreement with Aquatech Imaging Solutions here in Australia. For the last fourteen years AquaTech has been designing and manufacturing professional photographic accessories for photographers who work in wet weather conditions.  They first began manufacturing their Sport Housings for professional photographers and cinematographers and mainly focused their products towards surfing and ocean sports.  Today their Sport Housings are used in several different genres of photography such as advertising, surfing, sailing, documentary, fashion, fishing, Olympic water sports, and more.Rain ShieldI am looking forward to adding Polar photography to the list of genres for Aquatech and will be taking one of their Delphin 1D underwater sport housings along with dome port and ancillary accessories with me to Antarctica and South Georgia Island in a little under two weeks time. I have long wanted to pursue some underwater and split (half above water / half below water) photography in Antarctica and am very excited about this new opportunity.Delphin 1D frontFor those of you travelling to South Georgia Island and Antarctica with me this year who are interested in learning more about underwater photography and the use of housings, the equipment will be available to see, use and try for the duration of the expedition. I will also have several of the Aquatech Sport Shields and Sensory Gloves on hand for all to try. The best and fastest way to get up to speed with the Delphin underwater housing and accessories is to check out the Aquatech online videos on their website HERE.

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