Polar Bears on the Edge – Heading for Extinction

It isn’t often I get on board for a crowd funding project. Frankly there are so many of them these days that deserve support that its impossible to contribute to them all. However, the recent events in Svalbard with the senseless death of a young female Polar Bear (I photographed this bear only days earlier) combined with my own additional experience witnessing the decline of these magnificent animals in the wild puts this particular effort at the forefront of my thinking and efforts. I want to urge all of you to help save the Polar Bear and to take just a few moments out of your day to do so.

Morten Jørgensen, who is arguably the leading authority on Polar Bears, is about to release a new book to help save this incredible animal from extinction. The book “Polar Bears on the Edge” has taken two years to write and I believe this will probably be the most important book about polar bear conservation in many years. In fact, it may well be one of the last chances to help save the species.20150319032943-isbj_rn.vinkel.s_1200The book ‘Polar Bears on the Edge – Heading for Extinction while Management Fails’, will be available to the general public including the press towards the end of April this year. You can order an advance copy by contributing to the campaign. To help fund the message of the book out to as wide an audience as possible, Morten has launched a campaign to cover the costs of production and distribution. This fund raising is not for profit – it is for polar bears.

Please check it out at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/polar-bears-on-the-edge I encourage and urge you to assist in whatever means you feel comfortable and able. To ensure polar bears have a future, we need to see a policy change in the Arctic. One way you can contribute to helping the polar bears is by donating to the campaign. But you can also contribute by spreading the word. You could forward this page to people around you, let people know through your mailing lists, through Facebook and Twitter etc, or embed the link to the campaign on your webpages. I encourage you wether you are a photographer or not to contribute to this campaign. Every little bit helps and with your support we can hopefully save this magnificent animal.
Polar Bear

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