World Photography Cup 2015 – Bronze Medal Reportage Category

The World Photography Cup winners were announced last night at Montpellier in France and I was thrilled and very honoured to receive a Bronze Medal for Australia for my photograph of Penguins on the sea ice near the mouth of the Lemaire Channel in Antarctica. This particular photograph scored a Gold award at the 2014 AIPP Awards and was one of the four images in my winning portfolio in the Science, Nature and Environment Category. Fellow Australian James Simmons also medalled in the Wedding category. Overall, Australia placed third in the World Photography Cup this year. Next year the World Cup is coming down under to Australia. VPPY - Gold with Distinction

5 thoughts on “World Photography Cup 2015 – Bronze Medal Reportage Category

  1. Congrats, love this photo and your earlier posting of how to tell a story and convey emotion in your photographs. To me this image is the poster child for that sentiment. Thanks for your genoursity in helping us all raise our own ‘creative bar.’


  2. Josh, of all your recent images, this has to be one of my favorites. The composition leaves unanswered questions, some normal, some for fun (has the last Penguin to the right fallen out with his/her pals etc?!). Then the eye is drawn to the bergs in the distance which have such lovely light and texture (OMG I am starting to sound really nerdy!).
    You thoroughly deserve the award on the strength of this photo alone but I know the depth of your portfolio and there is so much more.
    Congratulations on the award, may there be many more! 🙂


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