May Photo of the Month Winners: Ronny, Brian and Rachel

Congratulations to the fifth print winners ‘Ronny Nielson, Brian Peters and Rachel Mailais’, for the photograph of the month for May 2015: ‘Ice Bear’. This month I had three comments come in within just seconds of each other so have decided to give away one print each to the first three to comment.

What Ronny said: Great capture of the polarbear. Shows it in its environment and how isolated these animals live. And how they are the king in the arctic.

What Peter Said: This is an absolutely magnificent image of a threatened species in an endangered environment. I’m hoping to get something half as good when I’m in the Arctic in July. This image has my name all over it.

What Rachel Said: Great shot, Joshua. A gorgeous bear out for a stroll, blending in its white environment. It seems to suddenly notice you, kind of wondering what is this new type of animal on it the horizon?

Congratulations Ronnie, Brian and Rachel, you were the first, and your prints will be sent to you at the end of May when I return home from the South Island of New Zealand.Svalbard

Keep an eye out on my blog for the next print giveaway with the June photograph of the month. Remember the best way to get instant updates is to subscribe via email.

One thought on “May Photo of the Month Winners: Ronny, Brian and Rachel

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