AIPP Guest Speaker at The EVENT in Perth Western Australia

Later this month I will be attending the AIPP Event in Perth Western Australia. This will be the first time I have attended The Event (as I have always been travelling overseas when it has been on in the past) and I am looking forward to the wide selection of speakers that will be giving up their time this year. Personally, I will be presenting two lectures on both Polar Wildlife Photography and Polar Landscape Photography during The Event as well as attending several of the social events scheduled over the course of the Event. Hope to see you there.TheEventPerth

3 thoughts on “AIPP Guest Speaker at The EVENT in Perth Western Australia

  1. Josh, your talk was an inspiration! I loved every single minute of it! I’ve added one of your expeditions to my bucket list and plan to tick it off within the next 4 years or so. Thank you for your presentation. It was my absolute favourite out of all the 3 days. I hope you got to enjoy a little of Perth.


    1. Thank you Erica! Very pleased you enjoyed the talk. Was a great pleasure to be able to stand up talk bout polar photography. cheers


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