Weddell Sea Expedition February 2016 – SOLD OUT

I am excited to announce that my new expedition to the Weddell Sea, Antarctica  in February next year is now sold out. Renowned as the wild side of Antarctica,  the Weddell sea is famous for its gigantic tabular sized icebergs and incredibly rugged landscape. The Weddell sea is an area of Antarctica rarely accessible due to sea ice conditions and our intention is to explore and photograph this rarely visited wild side of Antarctica. We will be using an ice-hardened expedition class ship ‘Polar Pioneer’ so we can push quite a lot of ice safely; which will enable us to get much further south than most vessels.

We will sail across the Bransfield Strait to Antarctic Sound on our journey toward the Weddell Sea. Antarctic Sound is home to literally monolothic tabular icebergs that break off the Antarctic ice shelf and float up out of the Weddell Sea. There are incredible photographic opportunities in this area and we will stop to take advantage of spectacular tabular icebergs as we encounter them. We then plan to travel down the east side of the peninsula as deeply as we can penetrate into the sea ice.Pool and Penguin at Sea in SnowstormIf you missed out on this expedition and are interested in travelling and photographing in Antarctica I will soon be announcing a new seventeen day expedition to the great white continent slated for November 2016. This new expedition will be limited to just 48 participants and will include a new itinerary. I am not quite ready to start taking bookings yet, but if you would like to be amongst the first to reserve your place you can register your interest now by dropping me an email (no obligation at this point). More details to come soon.

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