December Photo of the Month Winner – Rachel Mallais

Congratulations to the twelfth and final print winner for 2015 ‘Rachel Mallais’ for the photograph of the month for December 2015: ‘Fox Huddle’.

What Rachel said: Joshua, another gorgeous image to complete the year. It would look beautiful in my renovated house. I love the look in that face as both foxes are about to become ‘snowfoxies’! Keep up with those beautiful traveling images in the upcoming year.Hornvik-9854-EditCongratulations Rachel (and thank you for the wonderful comment!), your print will be sent to you next week. This was the final print giveaway for 2015 – my congratulations to all the winners throughout the year.  Remember the best way to get instant updates is to subscribe via email.

3 thoughts on “December Photo of the Month Winner – Rachel Mallais

  1. I would like to see you take many comments and not just the first response. Draw from all submitted within 24 hrs of your notification. There are 24 time zones to deal with. Just an idea.


    1. Thanks for the thoughts – Unfortunately due to my time and travel commitments I wont be able to offer the print give away next year. But I will keep your idea in mind if I am able to offer it in the future. Thank you for the feedback. Cheers


  2. Congratulations Rachel….lucky girl!
    What a perfect addition to your “new” place!
    Josh, I’m looking forward to seeing this year’s arctic fox images.


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