Canon EOS-1DX MKII Performance

I have received quite a lot of email in the last twenty fours hours asking about the performance increase in the new Canon EOS-1DX MKII in terms of both Auto Focus and ISO. I can tell you from demonstration only that the ISO performance in the new EOS-1DX MKII is at least 3-stops better than the current 1DX (and thats being conservative). ISO 10,000 files are effectively clean and free from noise. How much Auto Focus has been improved is going to depend on what you are shooting and in what sort of lighting conditions you are working in.  For me, the auto focus performance of the current 1DX is superb and it is really only difficult back-lit situations that pose an issue (from time-to-time). I wont know how the new EOS 1DX MKII performs in this regard until I get it out in the snow and ice in low light with a back lit subject.

The Canon EOS 1DX-MKII is now available for Pre-order with a delivery date of April 2016.eos1dxmark2-728x403


3 thoughts on “Canon EOS-1DX MKII Performance

  1. Wow! 3 stops? That would be amazing. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one. With the f/8 af advancements I’m considering the 400do II and a 2x as well. Might be a nice lightweight setup when I don’t want the weight of the 200-400. Have you tried the new DO?


    1. Dan, the new 400mm DO is a superb optic. I would own this lens if I did not already own the 200-400mm F4L IS lens, a 600mm F4L IS MKII and a 300mm F2.8L IS MKII……I think with the new F8 advancement there are lots of great lens options now.. and you are right – the 400mm DO with a 2X is going to be a lovely light weight set up. cheers,


  2. Haha yes that’s quite the collection you have there! I just have the 200-400 so there’s still a bit of room for something a bit smaller and lighter. I’ll have to borrow one to try when the camera comes in.


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