Photo of the Month February 2016 – Namibia Dune Field

The photo of the month for February 2016 was taken on my first workshop to the desert of Namibia back in 2014 with Andy Biggs. We were driving back from an afternoon photography session at Deadvlei and pulled over by the side of the road to explore a sand dune area. I chose to take a short hike up into the dunes and was rewarded with some really lovely golden light in the late afternoon. I was fortunate that there was also some strong wind blowing the sands around which has created a nice surreal sense of movement in the image. I am very much looking forward to returning to Namibia in late March this year for a small group workshop. I am particularly looking forward to more time to explore and photograph in the giant sand dunes at Sossusvlei.Namibia

One thought on “Photo of the Month February 2016 – Namibia Dune Field

  1. I love how my eye is drawn through it, as though slaloming into the distance on the folds of sand. Quite striking indeed!


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