New Website Launch for

I am extremely pleased today to be launching my new Live-Books HTML 5 mobile responsive website at and (all three links will take you to the same new website). The move to an all new HTML 5 platform has been some time in the works (quite honestly it is at least twelve months overdue). When I launched my original flash website many years ago, it was at the cutting edge of internet website technology. Flash offered features difficult or impossible to achieve via other platforms. It also offered some degree of protection against unauthorised use of photographs. The world and web have long since moved on however and with so many people now choosing to do their browsing from tablet and other mobile devices (which, in the majority do not support Flash) the move to a mobile responsive platform has become mandatory. Over the years my previous flash based website has undergone numerous updates – many of which added complexity that has been difficult to replicate in HTML5. Now these barriers no longer exist and we can offer all of the functionality I was looking for in a fully mobile aware and mobile responsive site. There are many other fringe benefits in the move to the new HTML platform including much larger images, faster loading times and the new Store. To help celebrate the launch of the new site I have some new Folios that are now available for sale. Orders for these still need to be placed manually via email until such time as the e-commerce part of the web-build is complete. If you would like to order one or more of the Folios please just email me in the meantime. I want to thank Live-Books for their continued support over the years and for their efforts in helping me to transition to the new platform and site.  If you stop past for a look please be sure to drop me a note and let me know what you

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