Namibia Overland Safari Workshop Complete

Last night I wrapped up my 2016 Namibia Desert overland Safari and I am now making the long journey back to Australia (currently at the airport lounge in Windhoek). I have been on the road since early February with back-to-back workshops and expeditions to the Weddell Sea in Antarctica, Iceland in Winter, the Iceland Arctic Fox Project, Lofoten in Winter and finally Namibia.  This time away amounted to twenty four flight sections and an awful lot of miles travelled. I am now very much looking forward to a couple of weeks at home before I head to the South Island of New Zealand for my Masterclass workshop.

As is always the case it is going to be many weeks before I can sort through all the photographs I made during these trips, edit and process my selects and share them on my website and social media. My priority is actually to now finish my work on the Arctic Fox Project and have the book ready for release later this year (I will also be formally announcing a new gallery showing of this work). In the meantime I hope you enjoy this image from  the abandoned diamond town at Kolmonskop in Namibia. See you back in Australia.Kolmonskop

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