AIPP Epson Victorian Professional Photography Awards 2016

The AIPP 2016 Epson Victorian Professional Photography Awards were held here in Melbourne Victoria in February this year. This was the first time in several years that I was unable to attend due to overseas workshop and expedition commitments. Truth be told, I actually hadn’t planned to enter this year. My schedule has been so hectic that I really didn’t have ample time to devote to making prints for the awards. I felt a bit guilty about not entering at the last minute as print competitions are near and dear to my heart and I want to support the local industry and the AIPP. So in the end I opted to enter a finished print from the 2015 APPA awards along with seven other prints that I had been working on and felt were in varying stages of being finished. I split the prints across the Science, Wildlife and Wild Places category and the Documentary category. I was pleasantly surprised to find on my return that not only had the majority of the prints scored Silver or Silver with Distinction awards, but that I was also a finalist in both the categories.

What caught my attention this year on my return to Australia was that a print I previously entered at the National Level in the 2015 APPA Australian Professional Photography Awards that had scored a high Silver with Distinction (falling just short of Gold) (and was part of the winning portfolio for 2015 Global Arctic Photographer of the Year) only scored a Silver at the State level (go figure..) Just goes to show how subjective awards can be at times. The awarded images are included below:Svalbard-9725-Edit _H9P15170-Edit Antarctica-2358-Edit Antarctica2015-5548-Edit Antarctica2015-6409-Edit SouthGeorgia2015-8184-Edit SouthGeorgia2015-8201-Edit Svalbard-8616-Edit-2


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