Guest Photographer: Kevin Horsefield Iceland the Frozen North 2016

Two years ago I started a new segment on my blog for photographers with whom I have travelled before in order to provide an outlet for them to share some of their own writing and photography amongst a wider audience. It has been a while since the last post but I wanted to share some thoughts and photographs from Kevin Horsefield who recently accompanied me on my Iceland Frozen North 2016 Workshop. I have had the pleasure of travelling and photographing with Kevin now in Iceland on several occasions as well as Namibia, Antarctica and South Georgia. Enjoy his thoughts and photographs from our most recent Iceland trip.

Iceland the Frozen North 2016 – Kevin Horsefield

I ventured to Iceland in late Winter of 2016 with Joshua Holko and Daniel Bergmann.  As a veteran of their workshops, I know that we will be in the best possible location at the right time to maximize our photography. Daniel’s ability to read the light and Iceland’s fickle weather patterns are unparalleled.  Once at a location, Joshua can take over and helps his clients fine tune their compositions if necessary.
We seemed to be constantly dodging storms on this trip and dealing with rather flat light.  My solution was to shoot into the sun to bring a bit of drama to the scene.  With the sun being somewhat low on the horizon even at mid-day in Iceland, this technique can work well in these conditions.20160304-_N1A169620160307-_N1A1928
I also employ this strategy when I’m working with thermal areas, such as Hverir.20160309-_N1A206220160309-_N1A2097Backlighting also works well at Iceland’s famous black sand beach with the sun illuminating its translucent icebergs.20160308-_N1A1975
Some images work best with a conversion to black and white.  The color at sunset was so muted on this evening that I decided to strip it all away to emphasize this composition. I also added a slight blue tone to this image to convey the feeling of winter in Iceland.20160304-_N1A1731-Edit
More of Kevin’s Photography can be found at
Daniel Bergmann and I will be running our annual winter trip again in 2017 and bookings are now open. Just drop me an email if you would like to join us.

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