Luminous Landscape Founder Michael Reichmann Passes Away at 71

There has been some very sad news today in the photography community: Michael Reichmann, the founder of the popular website Luminous Landscape, passed away yesterday at the age of 71 after a lengthy battle with cancer. Luminous Landscape publisher and CEO Kevin Raber announced the news today on the Luminous Landscape Website.

Michaels passion for photography was matched only by his love of sharing that passion with readers around the world,” writes Raber.

A professional photographer for five decades, Michael started the Luminous Landscape seventeen years ago (back in 1999) after his friend suggested that he take some of the magazine articles he had written over the years and publish them on a Website. Nearly two decades later, Luminous Landscape has published over 5,000 articles and is now visited by over one million photographers every month.

During the last year of his life, Michael focused his outward efforts toward The Luminous Endowment, which provides financial grants to photographers around the world to foster current and anticipated projects.

I was fortunate to meet Michael many years ago when he was in Melbourne, Australia on a speaking engagement for Phase One Cameras and I am proud to include one of Michael’s prints from Antartica on my studio walls. Michael was a significant inspiration in my early days of Nature photography and I have continued to keenly follow his work over the years.  The photography community lost an icon yesterday. Rest in Peace Michael.luminous-endowment-reichmann-lead

2 thoughts on “Luminous Landscape Founder Michael Reichmann Passes Away at 71

  1. Lovely post Josh. It was a sad thing to see when I visited the first photography site this morning. Michael played a large role in my transition from film to digital photography and from there to inkjet printing. The articles and reviews he posted on his site in the early days of digital laid the ground work for my current work. It was through Luminous Landscape that I discovered the wonderful writings of Mike Johnston (The Online Photographer), came across the fascinating Ctein and the knowledgeable Jeff Schewe. Luminous Landscape also introduced me to Joshua Holko. I was very fortunate to meet Michael when he visited Melbourne some years back. I was able to thank him in person for all of the information and advice he made freely available on LuLa. He was one of the greats and will be sorely missed.


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