Photo of the Month June 2016 – Lemaire on Fire

The photograph of the month for June 2016 was taken this February during my Antarctica expedition to the Peninsula. We planned our arrival at the entrance to the Lemaire Channel for very first light and were fortunate to experience one of Nature’s truly great light shows. Over the course of about an hour and a half we cruised and drifted slowly though the brash ice of the Lemaire Channel as the sky exploded in a fireball of orange, red and magenta all around us.  I have been fortunate to travel through the Lemaire channel many times over the last few years and these conditions were without doubt the best I have ever experienced. Antarctica-3003-EditIf you hare interested in travelling and photographing in Antarctica be sure to check out the next expedition ‘Antarctica White Nature‘  that I announced a few days ago with good friend Ole Jorgen. This dedicated charter expedition is the ultimate way to see, experience and photograph this magical continent.

Iceberg in Antarctica
Iceberg in Antarctica

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