The Wild Walk Feature Interview – Edge of the World

Conservation website ‘The Wild Walk‘ has just posted a short interview I did with them about Polar Photography and Polar Conservation. Click HERE to read the interview. From the Wild Walk Website:

There is an immediate need to protect our bio-diversity from the mighty Himalayas to the backdoor of our homes. Only when this is protected, we can have access to clean water, healthy food and natural surroundings. Nature as always in its supreme command defines the quality of our life. We cannot be blaming or depending on the Governments all the time and it is up to us to roll up our sleeves and do our bit to give back to nature. This pre-supposes awareness amongst people about nature and the life that it supports.

The Wild Walk, firm on the belief that wildlife literacy is the only way to get others inspired and sustain the habitat, chalk out programmes and activities to spread awareness on the subject. We educate people across the country about the forest with the aim of transforming them into wildlife conservationists. We also give lectures on wildlife science, exchange mails with aspiring conservationists and wildlife novices, share our knowledge through our website, news blog and via our wildlife documentary movies.WalkWalk

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