Photo Plus New York BenQ Featured Photographer

If you are headed to Photo Plus in New York in October this year be sure to stop past and say hello to the good folks at the BenQ stand who will be giving away limited edition postcards of several of my images from Antarctica and Svalbard. As a teaser, one of the photographs was a finalist and was subsequently highly honoured in the recent Nature’s Best Photography awards (more info on this soon) and two others are finalists in the 2016 Australian Antarctica Photographer of the Year competition. Photo Plus is the biggest Photo Event in the USA and runs from October 20th to October 22nd. I will be attending Photo Plus for the first time this year (on the 21st and 22nd) and will be floating between the BenQ and Moab and Legion Paper stands. If you are around be sure to stop past and say hello!Svalbard-1928-Edit

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