Photo of the Month September 2016 – Arctic Fox Hunt

The photograph of the month for September 2016 is of a blue morph Arctic Fox on the prowl for something to eat during high winds and blowing snow on a remote Iceland peninsula in winter. Taken during my three year project on the Arctic Fox this is one of my favourite images in my new book ‘Melrakki’ on the Arctic Fox. The photograph itself was taken with a Canon EOS 1DX and a Canon 600mm F4L IS MKII lens from a snow hole . The snow hole allowed me to get down to eye level with the fox to create a more intimate image than would otherwise have been possible. I have particularly vivid memories of this day because of the cold and because of the constant need to shovel the snow out of my snow hole as built up around me. The light and blowing snow created fabulous atmosphere though and it was worth the effort for the resulting photograph.ArcticFoxIceland-9512-Edit

Melrakki is available now for pre-order on my website as a limited edition hardcover fine-art book. The culmination of three years of winter photography in the extreme north-west of Iceland, Melrakki is limited to just 100 copies, each edition is hand numbered and signed and includes an original 11″ x 09″ inch fine-art pigment on paper print.

With foreword by pre-eminent scientist and Arctic fox expert Dr. Ester Rut Unnsteinsdóttir, Melrakki includes over fifty photographs and field notes from the three years spent photographing this remarkable predator in the extreme north-west of Iceland.

Melrakki Limited Edition is printed using the highest possible quality Canon Dreamlabo inkjet printer system and is printed on beautiful 250gsm High Definition Lustre paper that fully captures all of the incredible colour and tones of the original photographs. The Canon Dreamlabo represents the current state of the art in book printing and was chosen for this project after extensive testing and proofing as it yielded the highest quality that most closely resembles the original fine-art pigment on paper prints. I am extremely proud to stand behind the print quality in this Limited Edition book.

The included fine-art pigment-on-paper print is printed on Moab Somerset Museum Rag 300gsm paper and is hand signed.

Melrakki Limited Edition is $245 AUD plus shipping and can be ordered online exclusively through my website HERE.

I hope that you enjoy the photographs, insights and field notes from this project into the frozen world of Melrakki – the Arctic fox.

Photographs and Text by Joshua Holko

Approximate Dimensions: 22cm x 30 cm

96 pages (over 50 photographs + field notes)
The photo book & the print are together in a protective cloth sleeve

ISBN: 978-0-646-95781-4Cover

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