Antarctic Photographic Exhibition Showcases Icy Wilderness

The Antarctic Photography Exhibition has opened at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery as part of the Australian Antarctic Festival. All photographs were taken in recent years in Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic and were submitted by professional and amateur photographers from Greenland, Italy, New Zealand, Australia and Antarctica. Australian Antarctic Festival director Paul Cullen said the competition was narrowed down to 24 images to make up the exhibition. I am pleased to say the exhibition includes two of my personal favourite images from Antarctica (that have also been named as finalists).Ice Fortress HMAS Penguin Pool

The finalists selected for exhibition are:

  1. Nicole Anderson – Port Lockroy, Antarctica
  2. Nicole Anderson – Ice Cave Antarctica
  3. Helen Baird – Catch of the Day
  4. Barend Becker – King Penguins Leaving The Station At MacquarieIsland
  5. Karl Betteridge – Dive Comp
  6. Thomas Burns – The Sea Lion and the Skua
  7. Chad Carey – Orca Antarctica
  8. Tony Flemming – Aurora Basin Camp
  9. Brett Free – Angel Wings
  10. Jarrod Hodgson – Macquarie Island Sun – Australia’s sub-Antarctic From a Drone
  11. Joshua Holko – HMAS Iceberg
  12. Joshua Holko – The Fortress
  13. Kate Lawrence – Gadgets Gully, The Isthmus and North Head, Macquarie Island
  14. Sarah Lockyer – Adventures in Observation, Paradise Bay, Antarctic Peninsula
  15. David Lomas – Helicopter Resources AS350B3e helicopters loaded onto a RAAF C17
  16. Gianluca Lombardi – Reflections
  17. Rob Massom – Cold Hard Light of Day
  18. Shane Ness – Aurora Over Mawson Station
  19. Nick Roden – Defiant Legacy
  20. James Stone – King Penguin Collar Detail
  21. Doug Thost – Self Portrait with the Aurora
  22. Chris Wilson – Ice Berg With Penguins
  23. Eric Woehler – Rockhopper Penguin
  24. Jennifer Wressel – The Meeting

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