Digital Trends – Feature Interview with Polar Photographer Joshua Holko

Two days ago I returned to Punta Arenas at the bottom of South America from my expedition to photograph the world’s largest Emperor Penguin colony at Gould Bay in a very remote part of Antarctica. To date this trip represents the most complicated, most logistically difficult, and most weather dependant (as well as highest cost) trip I have ever undertaken. This was an absolutely life changing experience that I will have a full report on when I return home around the middle of December. In the meantime, I have uploaded a couple of video snippets I shot during the expedition that will give you some insight into what the expedition was like. Just click on the images below to play the videos.emperorsexpeditionvideo1emperorsexpeditionvideo2I also wanted to share a recent interview I did with Digital Trends on Polar Photography, my thoughts on wildlife photography and global warming. My thanks to Bill Schiffner at Digital Trends for the interview.

During the 2016 PhotoPlus show in New York City, Digital Trends sat down with the winner of the 2015 Global Arctic Photographer of the Year award, Joshua Holko, and talked to him about how he got into photographing polar bears in the Arctic and penguins of the Antarctic (far treks from his home in warmer Australia), the effects of global warming, and his methods. Holko runs photography workshops and expeditions to some of the world’s wildest and remotest regions in both the Arctic and Antarctic.digitaltrends2016You can read the full interview online: Digital Trends Interview with Joshua Holko

Tomorrow I am leaving South America and flying to the Falkland Islands where I will board our ship Polar Pioneer for my last expedition of the year to South Georgia Island and Antarctica – Photographers First Light. I am looking forward to sharing this expedition with all aboard and special invitees the Canon Collective. Having Canon Australia aboard for this expedition is going to be a fantastic boon for all aboard. Canon are providing access to a wide range of some of the latest professional camera equipment (including Canon EOS 1DX Mark II and 5D MKIV cameras and a wide range of Professional L series lenses) for our exclusive use in the field during the expedition. I will have no internet for the next few weeks so this will be my last planned update until I return in early December. See you in time for Christmas.

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