Canon EOS 1DX MKII Auto Focus Setting Guidebook

The Canon EOS-1D X Mark II has been for me the best DSLR I have ever used, regardless of price, brand or model. I recently wrote that it was my gear pick of the year for 2016. Now, to help users get more from its advanced focusing system, Canon has produced a useful downloadable AF Setting Guidebook for smartphone and tablets. Canon has produced these sort of guides in the past and they are well worth reading if you want to better understand and fully take advantage of the auto focus systems.

From Canons website The 148-page guidebook explains in detail the technical elements of the AF system and highlights other key functionalities that photographers need to know and understand in order to get the very best from Canon’s pro-series flagship, such as Movie Servo AF, using Auto ISO and much more.

In the guidebook are detailed overviews and explanations of the new AF algorithm and AI Servo AF III+ along with a list of the AF Configuration Tool and Presets, with comprehensive explanations on how each Case Setting works and when to choose them.

The guidebook is divided into six parts, consisting of two chapters on the AF Configuration Tool (Presets and Parameters), as well as chapters on AF area selection modes, 61-point reticular AF cross-type points, release property settings and anti-flicker shooting plus utilising the AF and Movie Servo AF and other useful functions.

It’s a fascinating read for anyone wanting to get under the skin of their EOS-1D X Mark II and will appeal to professionals who want a handy guide which can be stored on phone or tablet. Included in the book is a lens guide which lists every major EF lens and the number and placement of cross-type points that can be used with them.

There are many useful shortcuts explained in the guide, such as using the M-Fn button to assign shooting functions and various other customisable options. As you read through the guide, it becomes very clear that this camera can be set up precisely as you need it.

Don’t just use it in the default mode from the box, get under the skin and make it work harder for you!

To download the new Canon EOS-1D X Mark II AF Setting Guidebook for smartphones and tablets just click on the image below.canon1dxfocusmanual

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