Canon Australia Feature Outstanding Professional Photographs from 2016

Canon Australia has just published a series of photographs from a select group of its Australian professional photographers entitled Outstanding Professional Photographs to Make You Feel Better About 2016. The series of photographs includes one of my favourite images from my recent project on the Arctic Fox. You can see the full series online at Canons Website.arcticfoxiceland-9910-edit“After sitting for days through the freezing arctic winter conditions of Iceland, I finally got the opportunity to photograph the white morph of an Arctic Fox. He was patrolling the edge of his territory during a heavy winter snowstorm. It’s very evocative o the incredibly harsh environment in which these animals survive. Able to withstand cold better than an other mammal, the Arctic Fox heads headlong into the blizzard in temperatures below -2o Celsius.”

I will soon be returning to the extreme northwest of Iceland to lead a small group of photographers on an expedition to photograph Arctic Fox in winter. This invitation only expedition has long been sold out, but I will soon be announcing details for the 2018 expedition.  You can register your interest in this unique expedition by dropping me an email to 

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