Ultimate Puffins of Iceland 2017 Workshop Update

In late May this year I will be leading a brand new workshop with Daniel Bergmann that is dedicated to photography of the Atlantic Puffin and other birds of Iceland including Fulmars, Kittiwakes, Guillemots (Murres), Arctic Terns and Razorbills. Iceland is one of the best places in the world to photograph Puffins and other Arctic birds in their natural environment. We will visit a number of different locations during this workshop where we will have outstanding access to the Puffins living in burrows on the edge of sea cliffs. We have timed our 2017 workshop to ensure we are in the best locations at the best times to photograph these wonderful birds. We will have hours of golden light under the spectacular midnight sun – ideal conditions for photography of the Atlantic Puffin. We are now down to the last few places on this workshop before it will be sold out. UltimatePufinsThis photography workshop will last for 11 days (11 nights). We will be staying in good hotels and guest houses that are functional and clean. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included and will generally be held at the hotels where we are staying. However, this workshop is all about photography and we will be putting in long hours in the field in order to ensure we get the best possible light for photography. We may take food and drink with us into the field to ensure we are in the right locations get the best possible light.

Daniel Bergmann and I will be providing extensive in the field photographic instruction throughout the workshop for all participants. We will be covering camera setup as well as techniques for how to photograph birds in their environment. In the evenings we will have informal discussions and critiques as well as post production demonstrations. This will be a very hands on workshop and it is our intention to provide very expansive instruction as required. If you are keen to photograph Puffins and other birds in Iceland in beautiful light then you can register your interest by dropping me an email at info@jholko.com

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Puffins of Iceland 2017 Workshop Update

  1. Hi,
    I am keen to head to the Arctic in a 2019 and am super keen to go Puffin photographing amongst other things. Would like to be kept in the loop re any upcoming trips thanks!


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