Photo of the Month June 2017 – Ice Ahead

It is timely to have a landscape photograph from Antarctica as my photograph of the month for June both because I am currently reviewing my entire Antarctic Portfolio for a new large format fine art book to be released late next year and because I am starting to think about what equipment and lenses I am planning to take with me to Antarctica this November (this year I will also take with me an underwater housing which somewhat complicates the packing arrangements). This particular photograph was made last year on my Antarctica / South Georgia expedition from zodiac during overcast conditions and heavy snowfall on what was I felt our best day for photography. I used the Canon 11-24mm wide angle lens with the Canon EOS 1DX MKII camera held down low over the side of the zodiac just above the water line. I absolutely love the heavy brash ice in the foreground, the deep overcast sky and the beautiful shape and texture of the iceberg in the distance. I also prefer this sort of limited colour palette as I find it representative of the very best Antarctica has to offer (blue skies make nothing more than postcards). For me, these are the most evocative images of Antarctica that truly speak to me about the sublime beauty and ethereal tranquility of this stunning and most precious white continent.

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