Arctic Wings of Iceland 2018 Workshop Open for Bookings

Recently, Daniel Bergmann and I completed a brand new workshop to photograph Atlantic Puffins and other Arctic birds at several different locations in Iceland that included the remote northern Grimsey Island, inside the Arctic circle. (Read the trip Report). The workshop was a great success and as such we have decided to offer a new workshop next year that will take us back to Grimsey Island to photograph both the wildlife and incredible landscape of this remote island. As well as Grimsey Island we will also spend time in Myvatn in the north of Iceland – One of the best places in the world to photograph Arctic birds. Grimsey Island in particular is one of the most spectacular locations I have visited in Iceland with towering cliffs that rise hundreds of feet out of the ocean and incredible basalt columns. It is a wild and primordial landscape that is rarely visited and even less rarely photographed.This photography workshop will last for eleven days (ten nights). We will be staying in good hotels and guest houses that are functional and clean. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included and will generally be held at the hotels where we are staying. However, this workshop is all about photography and we will be putting in long hours in the field in order to ensure we get the best possible light for photography. We may take food and drink with us into the field to ensure we are in the right locations get the best possible light.The cost for the workshop is $9,490 US Dollars. This is an all-inclusive price, but excluding your airfare to and from Akureyri, Iceland. From the moment the workshop begins until its end, 11 days later, all costs are included — transportation, food, drinks (excluding alcoholic beverages), and accommodation, which is based on a single room per person (shared rooms at Grimsey Island).Our workshop is strictly limited to a maximum of eight photographers with the first few places already spoken for and pre-sold. The last remaining places will be filled on a first come, first served basis. A complete itinerary and information PDF can be downloaded HERE. If you would like to join us and photograph both the landscape and wildlife of Grimsey Island please drop me an email to register or express your interest.

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