Departing for Greenland Expeditions 2017

Time has rolled around all too quickly (I feel as though my feet have not touched the ground in Australia) and as soon as I finish this post I am heading back to the airport to start to the long trek to Iceland and then onto Greenland for my two back-to-back expeditions to the east coast and the spectacular Scoresby Sund fjord system. I have been looking forward to returning to the east coast as it has been a few years now since I last visited Greenland. It will be interesting to see how the area has changed and in what sort of state of disrepair the glaciers are now in. With more water melting off the Greenland icecap in a day than France uses in an entire year I am expecting to see some significant change.

As is my custom I like to do a packing list of what photographic equipment I am taking with me. Although these are primarily landscape expeditions we will also be doing quite a lot of photography from zodiac (the east coast of Greenland is home to some of the worlds most dramatic icebergs) and as such I am taking equipment for both the tripod and hand-held work. I am packing my Really Right Stuff Tripod with the new Arca Swiss D4 geared head as well as a full set of LEE filters for land-based work and a couple of Canon EOS 1DX MKII cameras for zodiac work. I am also packing my 300mm F2.8L IS MKII lens in case of any wildlife encounters.

Lightroom Roller (Carry on Luggage)

– 2 x Canon EOS 1DX bodies
– 1 x Canon EOS 5DSR body
– 1 x Canon 11-24mm F4L Lens
– 1 x Canon 16-35mm F4L IS Lens
– 1 x Canon 24-70mm F4L IS Lens
– 1 x Canon 100-400mm F4-F5.6L IS MK II Lens
– 1 x Canon 300mm F2.8L IS MKII Lens
– 1 x Canon 1.4TC MKIII
– 1 x Sigma 15mm Fish Eye
Gura Gear Chobe (Carry on Luggage)
– 1 x Apple MacBook Pro 15″ Retina
– 1 x Apple laptop charger
– 1 x  1 TB external portable SSD hard drive
– 1 x  USB CF card reader
– 1 x Sunglasses and sunglasses case
– 1 x Leica Ultra-vid 10×42 HD Binoculars
Etcetera Case #1 (Inside Chobe)
– 1 x Canon 1-Series camera charger
– 2 x Power Adapters for on board ship
– 2 x Canon 1DX spare Batteries
– 2 x Canon 5DSR spare Batteries
Etcetera Case #2 (Inside North Face Duffle)
– 1 x Arctic Butterfly Sensor Cleaner
– 1 x Filter Wrench
– 1 x Zeiss Cleaning Fluid and Lens Cleaning Tissue
– 1 x Micro Fibre Lens Cloth
– 1 x Rocket Blower with Hepa-Filter

There is one other important piece of documentation I will be taking with me on this expedition and that is an Australian Customs Declaration form. If you are travelling internationally from Australia you can read about the benefit arming yourself with this documentation HERE.

I am fortunate to meet and travel with some fabulous people who are not only talented photographers in their own right but also a source of continual inspiration. Many of these participants have become friends (and there are quite a few across these two Greenland expeditions) and I just want to take a moment to acknowledge their photography and thank them for their participation and input.

See you in Greenland!P.S For those of you who have contacted me asking if I will be running a future expedition to the East Coast of Greenland: The answer is not in 2018 – but I have now confirmed a charter for 2019 and will have more details later this year.

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