Photo of the Month September 2017 – The Bears Paw

This photograph from winter in Svalbard this year is my photograph of the month for September 2017. I actually wanted to post this last month but was saving it up for the 2017 APPA awards so that the judges would see it with fresh eyes. What makes this photograph work so well is the body language and position of the bear in relation to the snow drift, the quality of the light and of course that wonderful gesture of the dragging paw all crusted in ice. Winter in Svalbard is often best time of the year in my experience for Polar Bear photography as you have optimum light conditions. With the sun low in the sky this sort of rosy pink glow is only found on the very cusp of winter. I will be leading a new expedition for Polar bears and arctic landscapes to Svalbard in winter this coming March. If you are interested in joining me or would like some additional information please drop me an email for further details. There are now only a few places remaining before the expedition will be sold out.

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